Suzio York Hill

Ready Mix Concrete Supplier & Delivery

With production geared for the high demands of Connecticut’s construction industry, our plants produce a combined 500 yards of concrete per hour. The L. Suzio Concrete Company provides ready-mix concrete for highway and bridge construction, for residential and commercial building and general construction needs. All our concrete is mixed in our central mix plants to assure maximum quality control.

We offer various strengths of concrete mixes with or without additives to:

  • Retard or accelerate setting
  • Deter corrosion
  • Provide better bonding
  • Meet other specified requirements

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Placing Orders

We encourage you to call and place your orders as soon as you know your needs. Delivery hours are 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Cancellation of orders must be made at least 90 minutes in advance of delivery time. For more information regarding placing orders and special orders, please read our Ordering Information.