Suzio York Hill

Roadwork Supply

For all residential and commercial paving and roadwork jobs, Suzio York Hill supplies superior asphalt and stone materials. Whether you are working on a major roadway or state highway, a local or town road, a residential driveway or a parking lot, Suzio can supply the materials you need, tailored to your project’s exact specifications and delivered on time.

Suzio offers roadwork supplies including:

  • Crushed stone – Our crushed stone is available in sizes from ⅜" to 2" to form the ideal base for your road. Locally quarried rock from the Connecticut River Valley enables us to keep costs low.
  • Asphalt – Batch mixed at our local facility, the superior asphalt from Suzio keeps your roads and driveways safe and dependable for years to come – even in harsh New England conditions.
  • Concrete – Define borders and extend the life of road surfaces with concrete curbs. Suzio can deliver low-slump, quick-setting concrete ideal for use in slipform machines.

If you are in the planning stage of a roadwork project, tell us about your material supply needs. We can make recommendations to ensure you select the best product for the job – and we’ll provide a free quote for material purchase and delivery.

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