Suzio York Hill

Crushed Stone Supplier & Delivery

Crushed stone from Suzio York Hill, a trusted supplier for construction and landscaping materials.Suzio is one of just a few companies quarrying trap rock in the Connecticut River Valley between Amherst, Massachusetts and Long Island Sound. The York Hill Trap Rock Quarry Company, established in 1912, operates the quarry on the 350-acre Westfield Road property.

Please note: Trap rock is sold by the ton and a nominal delivery charge will be incurred no matter what size your order is. Speak with our sales staff to accurately gauge the amount of trap rock you will need so that we can most efficiently deliver your purchased product.

Stone Crushing Process 

For safety and efficiency, we hire experts to blast the rock into large pieces of stone (rip rap) which are used in the construction of breakwaters, stone walls and erosion control projects. Occasionally, selected smaller pieces of this stone are more appropriate for these projects.

Most of the rock, however, is delivered in 70-ton haul trucks to the primary crusher, which handles 750 tons per hour. A conveyor belt hauls rock from the primary to the secondary crusher more efficiently than loading it back into trucks.

After being crushed, the stone is sorted into sizes ranging from ⅜" to 2". A combination of different sizes of stone is blended with screenings to produce processed stone.

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Placing Orders

We encourage you to call and place your crushed stone delivery orders as soon as you know your needs. Delivery hours are 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Cancellation of orders must be made at least 90 minutes in advance of delivery time. For more information regarding placing orders and special orders, please read our Ordering Information.