Suzio York Hill

Sono Tube Calculator

To ensure accurate ordering, Suzio York Hill offers the following calculator for Sono Tube fill.  Based on the fixed diameter and depth (or height) of the sono tubes for a project, our customers can get an accurate calculation of the amount of ready-mix concrete needed to fill that sono tube.  For example, a sono tube with a 10" diameter and a 4' depth requires 0.08 cubic yards of concrete.

Depth / Height

Equation for Filling Sono Tubes:

  • Pi Symbol x R2 x D = CF/27 = CY
    Pi Symbol = 3.14
    R2 = 1/2 of Diameter x 12 (decimal conversion in inches)
    D = Depth

Calculator Example:

  • When filling a 10" sono tube with 3.5' depth:
    3.14 x (.42 x .42) x 3.5' = 1.99 CF / 27 = .07 cubic yards

Please verify online calculator results for all orders with a member of our sales staff. For specific ordering information, please consult the CONCRETE section of this site.  If you have additional questions regarding the concrete needed for your next project, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales staff.