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Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes with Ready-Mix Concrete

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If you want your concrete to stay strong, it needs the proper materials and preparation work to keep it durable for years. A sound installation for ready-mix concrete products requires careful attention before and after it is inserted. To ensure your concrete job is ready for its pouring, here's a guide to help you finish your concrete mixing and installation.

Pouring Ready-Mix Concrete at a Construction Site

4 Common Mistakes People Make with Ready-Mix Concrete

1. Not Preparing the Site
The building site needs to be prepared for ready-mix installation. Surveying and clearing the area ahead of time will make it less susceptible to cracks, surfaces that aren't level, and weak points in the concrete itself.
To prepare a site properly for ready-mix concrete products, smooth and level the ground around the spot for evenness. Clear off debris, ensure the area is moist enough to accept the mix and add a layer of gravel that isn't too thin.

2. Not Watching the Weather
Whether too hot or too cold, extreme weather can cause problems with your ready-mix concrete products. If the weather is too severe, your concrete mix risks being reshaped by rain, snow, and hail. In hotter temperatures, the mixture can evaporate. In colder temperatures, the mix can freeze. Check the weather ahead to ensure your mixing is not affected by a rise or drop in the temperature.

3. Not Finishing the Concrete
After the concrete has been properly laid, it still must be compacted to keep it smooth and strong. After making sure the concrete is level, use a finishing tool such as a screed to remove any leftover concrete and keep the surface flat.

4. Not Reinforcing the Concrete
For concrete to have good tensile strength, it must be able to resist pulling forces and pressures capable of breaking its materials. If your concrete isn't strong enough, its tensile strength won't be strong enough to last. Reinforce the concrete floor first with fibers, rods, steel mesh, or bars to keep it from cracking later.

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