Suzio York Hill

Concrete Calculator

The Concrete Calculator allows you to figure concrete when you have the desired thickness, width (or height) and length of a project.  Examples for the accurate use of this calculator include:

Width / Height

Equation for Estimating Concrete:

  • (Thickness in Inches / 12) x Width x Lenth / 27 = cubic yards needed

Calculator Examples:

  • Footing:  10" thick, 20" wide, and 230 lineal feet = 11.8 yards needed.
  • Foundation:  9" thick, 8' high, and 230 lineal feet = 51.11 yards needed.
  • Flatwork (driveway): 4" thick, 12' wide and 20' long = 2.96 yards needed.

Please verify online calculator results for all orders with a member of our sales staff.  For specific ordering information, please consult the CONCRETE section of this site.  If you have additional questions regarding the concrete needed for your next project, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales staff.