Suzio York Hill

The Q Bridge Begins

NEW HAVEN, CONN. –Plans to repair, demolish and then reconstruct have begun being executed in New Haven, as the state project which in the end will produce a new 10 lane extra-dosed Q Bridge, has commenced. Within the initial phase of work, repairs will be made to the existing bridge and a foundation for the new structure will be poured.

The second phase of construction will begin in November of this year. That segment will include the demolition of the former Q Bridge as well as the construction of the new one. It is expected to last about five years when it will be open to commuters in the summer of 2015.

The L. Suzio Concrete Company’s products will be featured in all of thee involved Ready Mixed Applications. Suzio began supplying the job sight in May of 2009 with concrete for drilled shaft construction. This is the first step in developing the new structures foundation which involves pouring concrete into the ground supported by a tubular rebar cages inserted prior to the pour.

The first and second phases of work on the bridge have been labeled Contract B1 and B respectively. Both will be overseen by a combination of two general contractors who have teamed up to form a joint venture project management team.

The bridge is part of a greater plan called the I-95 New Haven Harbor Crossing Corridor Improvement Program. It began in 2001 with the construction of State Street Station and will conclude once the I-95/I-91/Rte34 Interchange is built in the end of 2015.